Monday, August 9, 2010

Dance Your A** Off- season 2/episode 9- "Temptation City"

Better than "Temptation Island".

Unknown Pussycat Doll Ashley Roberts (I know you are thinking "Who?") greets the contestants at their home to tell the final 5 they will be going to Vegas to blow off some steam and try out their new found skills in healthy eating and exercising.

Mel B meets the dancers at their penthouse suite in Vegas to tell them that "temptation assumes many forms. . .your behavior is all up to you!" She also shares this week's dance challenge: Burlesque. Not to be confused with the new Christina Aguilera/Cher dance movie. The dancers will also have to use props in their dances:
Adamme: nightstick
Michael: blindfold and chair (I am scared.)
Stephanie: couch
Latoya: feather boa
Corey: hat

First Vegas temptation: Drinking at a nightclub. Mel B takes them to the VIP section of Haze (no pun intended) to see who is going to drink all that vodka. The winners are Michael and Stephanie.

Second Vegas temptation: The dreaded Vegas buffet. If you have ever been to a Vegas buffet, you know that there is every food under the sun and then some. Would the contestants be able to pass up the pizza and potatoes and hit up the salad bar? It looks like only one contestant found her Achilles Heel: Seaweed salad. One employee told Stephanie it had no oil, another said it did. Regardless, she ate three bowls. She may have been better served only having one bowl? I always say you can eat almost anything you want if it is in moderation. Or I steer clear of those buffets! They are just not natural!!!

After a quick visit to see last season's winner Ruben back stage at his job at Viva Elvis, it is back to the grind- literally- at a cardio strip tease class at Crunch gym to learn some burlesque moves. Then it is time for the show- DANCE BREAK!

After washing my eyes with bleach after Michael's dance (sorry Michael!), it is time for the weigh in.
Latoya: From 181.5 lbs to 175.3 lbs- 6.2 lbs lost + dance score = 12.4
Adamme: From 240.2 lbs to 232.5 lbs- 7.7 lbs lost + dance score = 11.9
Michael: From 231.9 lbs to 225.7 lbs- 6.2 lbs lost + dance score = 10
Corey: From 271.2 lbs to 263.1 lbs- 8.1 lbs lost + dance score = didn't mention
Stephanie: From 170.3 lbs to 171.3 lbs- 1 lb gained + dance score = 8.7

Stephanie is defeated by the horrible seaweed salad incident in Vegas- what happened there didn't stay there- and she is sent home.

Next episode: solo dances!!!

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