Monday, August 16, 2010

Dance Your A** Off- season 2/episode 10- "A (Big) Star is Born"

Really, Oxygen Network? A (Big) star? Oh, because we didn't know that the show was about fat people? Now that there are only two episodes left and everyone is feeling confident about themselves and all the weight they have lost, let's rub it in.

I hate that!


This week was all about Hollywood. Nothing screams Hollywood like a sequel, and Mel B tells the contestants they must revisit a dance style that they didn't perform so well the first go 'round.

Latoya: chacha

Adamme: salsa

Michael: jazz funk

Corey: pop jazz (the difference between jazz funk and pop jazz? anyone?)

The contestants also must live their lives like Hollywood stars. They get to have spray tans, funky workouts, prepackaged meals, and acupuncture. "I thought I almost pooped myself--but I didn't! It was just a sensation!" announced Michael after his treatment.

Mel B also announces the contestants will be performing solos this week and they will be judged by SYTYCD wunderkind Travis Wall (one of my fave past dancers and current choreographers!). I actually shrieked in my apartment when I saw him I was so excited.

Time to watch Corey get weird and Michael pull some face: DANCE BREAK!

How did the final four do in the weight loss category?

Latoya: From 175.3 lbs to 170.2 lbs- 5.1 lbs lost + dance score = 21.9
Adamme: From 232.5 lbs to 225.9 lbs- 6.6 lbs lost + dance score = 21.1
Michael: From 225.7 lbs to 216.1 lbs- 9.6 lbs lost + dance score = 21
Corey: From 263.1 lbs to 257.0 lbs- 6.1 lbs lost + dance score = 14.7

Corey is heading home, but he did lose 68.9 pounds in total. If he is a dance master. . .well. . .that remains to be seen.

Next episode is the semi finals where three is the magic number! Three contestants! Three dances! Three chances for Michael to wear leather jackets!

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