Monday, August 2, 2010

Dance Your A** Off- season 2/episode 8- "Prom Diggity!"

By the title, I thought the show was going to be an homage to the cheesy gowns and tuxes of our high school proms. Maybe the electric slide thrown in for good measure. Mel B tells the contestants it's a prom to celebrate their graduation into healthy new lives. Okay. . .so, why not make it graduation themed? What do I know? In addition, the contestants must master a trick into their jazz funk routines.

Latoya- Front walkover

Stephanie- Hitch kick

Katie- Triple pirouette (what?)

Adamme- Russian Leap a.k.a. Toe touch

Michael- Axel Jump

Corey- Barrel Turn

Still in a jazz funk, the dancers bump into their trainer, "General" Lee, who tells them they will be running a mile in weighted vests. After they complete the run, he reveals the vests represent how much weight they have lost thus far in the competition. Everyone is so proud of themselves that they can take the weight off and drop it in front of them.

At the dinner table later that night, the contestants tell front runner Latoya that they are tired of her bitching and moaning about everything. They are trying to be a family and be supportive of one another, to which Latoya replies, "I don't feel a family here period. I could really care less." OUCH. Adamme lays down the law: "Don't complain in my presence- it brings me down and it is a drag."

After announcing the aptly named Joey Fatone as the guest judge and a quick Lanacane anti-chafing gel plug, it is time for a DANCE BREAK!

And the weigh in. . .

Adamme: From 249.7 lbs to 240.2 lbs- 9.5 lbs lost + dance score = 12.1

Latoya: From 187.7 lbs to 181.5 lbs- 6.2 lbs lost + dance score = 12

Stephanie: From 174.8 lbs to 170.3 lbs- 4.5 lbs lost + dance score = 9.6

Corey: From 276.9 lbs to 271.2 lbs- 5.7 lbs lost + dance score = 9.1

Michael: From 235.9 lbs to 231.9 lbs- 4 lbs lost + dance score = 9

Katie: From 184.3 lbs to 181.1 lbs- 3.2 lbs lost + dance score = 8.7

Katie fall short, taking her disco stick and heading home. Mel B gives her boost, telling her "You were really sexy this week!"

Next week: Vegas trip- buffets and shots, oh my!

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