Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Money Hungry- episode 4- The Family vs. The Orphanage

When Josh signed onto Money Hungry with his "just friend" Melissa (What a chatterbox! Does this girl every shut up?) he probably didn't see the s$&t storm he would create when he fell for plus size model Jamie and changed his vote to the ladies of Grading Curves. They are a vengeful lot, those Curves. Josh begins this episode just wanting to stay safe for another episode!

I don't blame him. Have you seen the guys on this show? They are big and their mouths are even bigger.

Regulators David and Po worked last week's vote to their advantage, creating a new alliance in the house to break up the dreaded "Orphanage". "The Family" consists of the Slenderellas, Double Chocolate, No Excuses, Flabulous, and The Regulators. Their motto: "Family first. . .and stay humble." "The Orphanage" is now made up of Chicago Deep Dish, Mission Slimpossible, A Pair of Nuts, and Grading Curves. Five against four. I like those odds!

After David breaks for a quick poo, it is time for the weekly challenge. "Volcano: Fire on the Mountain" star Dan Cortese meets the contestants at the pool for a swimming challenge. "This is good s&#t people," he says. There are team colored balls floating in the pool, 16 for each team. The balls must be grabbed, swam over to a team's grid, and attached to the grid on the bottom of the pool. Whichever team gets all their balls on their grid first is eliminated. The final team will be crowned this week's Big Heavies and will have immunity. The first team eliminated will be on the chopping block at the weigh in.

The mighty Nuts are the first to be eliminated, followed by Flabulous, Mission Slimpossible, Grading Curves, and Deep Dish. All of the Orphans are out! The Regulators are chosen to be the last team standing and become the BIG HEAVIES!

Oh, how the mighty have fallen. Mission Slimpossible begins to scramble for a way to keep themselves out of the bottom two with A Pair of Nuts. They try to recall a gentleman's agreement they had with the Regulators the first week when they each told each other they wouldn't vote for each other. The Regulators feel the deal dissolved when Mission Slimpossible threatened to have them eliminated last week.

So much drama you are probably wondering how anybody has anytime to lose weight. Trainer Richard wants to change things up at the gym and brings in a hip hop dance instructor (Phillip is pissed that it isn't Lady Gaga) to shake things up. The gauntlet is thrown by Joe-- he serves Phillip in a mother f'n dance off.

After Joe has been fully served, Mission Slimpossible is feeling miffed that no one seems to like them anymore. They decide to take out their aggressions in the gym. . .but that leads to them bumping into Po "by accident" and a HUGE argument ensues between Slimpossible and The Regulators that makes the producers have to step in. The show's producers. It does sound like the name of another team though, doesn't it?

Mission Slimpossible decides that they are going to pack up their toys and leave. . .and return 15 minutes later. No one can call them quitters! David feels bad that he flew off the handle and forms a shaky truce with the Slimpossibles. But will this new found camaraderie ruin all the hard work that the Regulators have put into "The Family" during the house vote? They give immunity to Double Chocolate (whew): How will the other teams size up?

The Regulators: From 781 lbs to 780 lbs- 1 lb lost- .13% BW (immune-what a game play move!)

Double Chocolate: From 423 lbs to 422 lbs- 1 lb lost- .24% BW (immune- C'mon!)

A Pair of Nuts: From 516 lbs to 500 lbs- 16 lbs lost- 3.10% BW A huge bar has been set! Will the Nuts be able to stay together another week? Or will they be snipped from the contest?

Slenderellas: From 574 lbs to 572 lbs- 2 lbs lost- .35% BW- SAFE

Flabulous: From 614 lbs to 609 lbs- 5 lbs lost- .81% BW- SAFE

Deep Dish: From 423 lbs to 419 lbs- 4 lbs lost- .95% BW- SAFE

Grading Curves: From 467 lbs to 468 lbs-1 lb gained- +.21% BW- SAFE

Dan announces that both No Excuses and Mission Slimpossible received votes, leading Joe and Mark to launch into an expletive filled rant. "I'm f'n livid!" shouts Joe.

No Excuses: From 595 lbs to 590 lbs- 5 lbs lost- .84% BW- SAFE Which means that. . .

Mission Slimpossible: From 475 lbs to 456 lbs- 19 lbs lost- 4.0% BW

. . .A Pair of Nuts is going home! "Nuts--out."

Mission Slimpossible vows to send everyone home. I am still wondering how these folks that really need to lose the weight are losing any at all. Their numbers are so small. . .maybe I'll learn next week?


  1. okay... so i know that this is no biggest loser, and im trying to keep myself from compairing this show to BL, but seeing 2 people with a 5-600lb combined weight only be able to drop a pound combined...in a week... it pisses me off really. I mean I'm a big dude, and when i just watch what i eat (kinda) its easy for me to drop atleast a pound in a week, with no gym...

    theres something we're not seeing with this show...

  2. I totally agree, Mike. I don't understand why the show isn't trying to make the contestants REALLY lose weight. They sure could use it, for their own health!