Monday, August 30, 2010

Dance Your A** Off- season 2/episode 12- "The Ultimate Dance Off- Part 1"

Yes, part 1. We couldn't have the finale in one episode. NO! And I was just complimenting Oxygen on fitting all the action into one neat hour sized package. . .

At the beginning of the episode, Mel B informs remaining contestants Adamme and Latoya that they will be going home for five weeks as their final challenge. No doctors, trainers, or professionals: They will have to fend for themselves and then come back for the final dance off. Adamme packs up his suitcase full of dream catchers and heads back to Vegas- Latoya goes wherever it is that she lives. I think the Bronx? Jersey? It looks really suburban!

Five weeks later all the previous contestants return to have a reunion at Runyon Canyon, the place they all had to run up the first day they arrived. Some people look like they have kept up the weight loss, other people look like they have eased up a bit. Michael, Katie, Erica, Corey, and Kiki seem like they have the most extreme transformations. Before the contestants run up the canyon, Briana announces she ended up having ACL surgery on her knee and Erica is pregnant with her third child. Get it, Erica! Michael also claims to be pregnant, if only to ride in the truck to the top of the canyon.

Once at the top, Mel B introduces the new Latoya and Adamme who have turned into lean mean dancing machines! Mel B also announces a TWIST--three former contestants will be put back into the competition for a dance off based on the amount of weight they have lost. One dancer will be chosen to join Latoya and Adamme for a last chance at the $100,000 prize. Michael, Corey, and Katie are the lucky three. . .which means we must endure watching Corey and Michael dance again. A strangely unique gift. Super surprise is Katie, who looks incredible and who's dancing has only gotten better with her weight loss.

So, how does everyone stack up? Here is their weight loss in order of their eliminations:
Caleb: 30.1 lbs
Meredith: 45.6 lbs
Sarah: 22.5 lbs
Erica: 50 .1 lbs
Kiki: 49.0 lbs
Briana: 61.4 lbs
Katie: 56.9 lbs
Stephanie: 34.7 lbs
Corey: 80.4 lbs
Michael: 85.8 lbs
and the final two. . .
Adamme: 105.7 lbs
Latoya: 58.6 lbs

The "wild cards" compete in their dance off, and although I really wanted Katie to be chosen, Michael takes the third place position. Corey may have done the most uncomfortable moonwalk I have ever seen. . .but Michael's face during the first finale dance earns this week's prize of making me scrunch down on my couch in horror. Or first prize in the tiger impression contest.

The dancing starts at 2:20 in the clip!

Next episode-- finale part two! Two more dances, the final weigh in, and the crowing of season two's champion ass off-er. WHO WILL IT BE? (Adamme, please be Adamme!)

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