Friday, August 20, 2010

Casual Friday

My blog equivalent to dress denim and a polo shirt. . .

WHAT A BUSY WEEK! I had a whirlwind trip to see my family in Oklahoma this past weekend. I feel an important part of health is taking the time to see the people that you love and give your body the ability to take a break! New York and Oklahoma are worlds apart and I love that.

When I got back home I got to try out a new spa courtesy of Spa Sally and . I was invited to get a 60 minute massage- which is always nice after being on an airplane! The name of the place is Pearl Beauty Clinic and Spa and is located on West 8th street in the heart of everything in the West Village! It is cute and clean and tucked away right next to MacDougal street. The owner was very nice and I enjoyed the massage-- but they also offer a whole host of other services. Next Tuesday, Spa Sally is offering the massage for $25! Make sure to CHECK IT OUT!

Look at these babies!

These are my nephews Caden Cole (on top) and Weston Marshall (on bottom) who live in Oklahoma. Aren't they sweet? What a great part of the trip!
My parents also took me out to a RAW food restaurant (very innovative for OK!) called 105 Degrees. IT WAS SO GOOD! If you live in Oklahoma you must must must support them.

Kimchee dumplings!

Fresh sake bloody marys!
I have other pics I took of the food but I am not that kind of blog. Trust me- it was delish.
Have a great weekend! Have a bloody mary, a massage, and squeeze on some cute babies if you get the chance!

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  1. Sounds like you had a terrific time, Allison. Your nephews are soooooo cute!