Monday, November 1, 2010

If Not Now, When? 2010!

In January of 2010 I participated in the IntenSati Warrior Challenge (check out my blog posts from January to read about the challenge) with my hero Patricia Moreno.  I received the following e-mail this morning, and after reading it I had the intention that I set for myself ACTUALLY come true.  That's how I know that the IntenSati Method really works.  I will reveal my intention soon. . .but for now, please read this letter.  Inspire yourself!

My hero Patricia Moreno!
"It's still 2010, with just two more months before 2011. I think it's a perfect time to stop and look back at the intention you set for the beginning of the year. The theme for 2010 is "if not now, when?" You still have plenty of time to end this year on fire! Time is passing and it will not wait, so go back and look at what you declared was so important to you. What have you accomplished and what have you given up on? Can you handle the truth that there is no one stopping you but you? Are you willing to call up something greater within you right now, drop the excuses and the complaints, and go for it in the next two months?

I am right now living in the bliss of having one of my biggest dreams come true. After more than 2 years of recommitting over and over, and not taking no for an answer, I am so grateful I did not give up. I am so grateful for all the love, support and encouragement from loved ones and friends. I am grateful for all those who succeeded before me to show me that it was possible, and were the springboard for my faith.

I want to be your encouraging friend, part of your support group, and your springboard to a higher level of faith and courage to hold on to your dream and desire to live life according to what you really want. I want to encourage you with all my heart not to lose faith. I want to encourage you to take a good look at yourself to see if you are living from fear... Fear that it won't happen, fear that you might get hurt, and fear that you simply are not good enough. And if you are living from fear, I encourage you to do the work right now to change it! Right now, today, drop every excuse, stop blaming outside circumstances, and call up in yourself the courage to achieve what you have not achieved before. Call up in yourself, right now, the willingness to do your absolute best and to simply not settle for less.

When you find that level of passion and enthusiasm for life, you also find within yourself latent powers that will be ignited once you make a firm commitment and say "I will not stop until I succeed!" Have you said that yet? Have you looked around to see that there are others who have succeeded in making even the most challenging of dreams a reality?

If one person can do it, so can you, and if no one has succeeded before, then you be the one! Be the one to lead, inspire, and break free! Be the one who will stand for it being a reality in your life regardless of what others say. Be the master of your own fate by aligning yourself with the greatest power in the world - the power of love! Nothing is impossible with love! Nothing!

Think about a time when you made a firm decision that you will succeed, and think about who you became in that instant. When a mother lifts a car to save her child, when someone trapped in life-threatening situations survives, when people survive life-threatening illness above all odds. Think of great spiritual teachers, leaders, inventors. These people are not "special" or "lucky;" they are like you and me, and we all have the same access to the very energy that creates worlds!

In order for your grandest dream to become a reality you will have to admit you love yourself enough to go for it. You will have to admit you are capable with the power of love. You will have to admit that the only thing in the way of you fulfilling your dream is you. That longing to be more is the sacred calling of your soul, and denying that calling, denying your talent, your gift, your self is causing you more pain because every time you proclaim you are not enough, you are not worthy, you are not loved, you deny yourself access to the love that is your power to achieve what you were born to achieve! So set yourself free! You were born to fly! Let go and let the good that is your birthright in. Make yourself available for more than you have ever had before!

Yes it may be challenging, you may fail a few more times, but by simply doing the best you can do now you will train your mind to be about something greater, something you have never before achieved. You will have to train your mind to believe, declare, and see what you have not allowed yourself to see before. Choose to break precedent and lead with your heart and a powerful mind. 2010: if not now, seriously, when?

"Words without experience are just words." -Dalai Lama

Don't just say it or think about it do it today! Life is passing and it will not wait!

With great love and respect to you, my friends! I believe in YOU!"
- Patricia

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