Saturday, November 13, 2010

Is Being Fat Keeping You from Getting a Job?
 I'm always interested in the articles on the Yahoo homepage, particularly ones about what to do or not to do in job interviews.  As I read this article, number six popped out at me:

"6. Being overweight can work against you.
Even though overweight individuals can be fast on their feet and slim people can be lazy, an interviewer might assume an obese job candidate won’t be able to keep up at a “high-performance” company. Cohen gives the example of a manufacturing company that prided itself on efficiency and speed. Every prospective employee was taken on a walking tour of the large plant before being hired. If the prospect couldn’t keep up with the owner’s fast pace on the facility tour, he or she wouldn’t be hired. If you’re worried your size may be working against you, Cohen suggests emphasizing how adept and resourceful you are."

I wish that we lived in a world where your talent and skills were enough to get you hired.  I know I have lost out on auditions because I wasn't the "right size".  In fact, my most recent job search into personal training made me very body conscious-- what if I wasn't thin enough to be a trainer?

Just because someone is thin does not make them the right candidate for the job.

There are enough challenges in this world without having to worry if the skill set you have isn't enough to compensate for your outward appearance.  Although I am not enthusiastic about the "fat acceptance" movement (that fat is healthy, no matter what), I am hopeful that by eating more mindfully and exercising you can boost confidence and stamina in everything you do.  If you feel good inside, it shows on your outsides.  And then that plant manager can go suck it because you CAN keep up!

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  1. I've had some employers be outright honest with me and tell me i didnt get the job becasue of being a big guy, even though i could walk miles around the city and regularly walked up 4-5 flights of stairs at a time... they didnt think i could walk up and down the street to their various stores... ON THE SAME block!

    It sucks, but it really just becomes one of the many things you think about applying for jobs as a bigger guy.