Monday, November 15, 2010

My DREAM has come true!!!

I wanted to share my good news with you all!  For those of you not in the loop, I became ACE certified to personal train in April and have been searching for the perfect gym job ever since.  I have felt like Goldilocks:  Some gyms were too big, some gyms were too small, some gyms didn't want to give me the time of day.  I get it, I am the new kid on the block!

Thankfully, I didn't give up (even though some days I really considered throwing in the towel) and got a job that is JUST RIGHT!  I start personal training at Equinox gym in Greenwich Village!  I begin training this week and couldn't be more happy.

A quick shout out to Jess at Fit Chick in the City for being my mentor and helping me revamp my resume and helping put my career goals in perspective!  And another shout out to my bf who has helped me every single step of the way, from going over flash cards for my ACE exam to giving me lots of encouragement and plenty of pep talks.

If you live in the city and are an Equinox member, come by and see me!  And if you want me to train you, well, heck.  Let's do this thing.


  1. AWESOME CONGRATS!!! That rocks! Good luck with your new job.

  2. Congratulations, Alison! That's so exciting! :>D