Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Food Revolution: 1 McDonald's: 0

We are coming for you, fries.  Be afraid.  Be very afraid.

I have been tracking the Happy Meal "saga" in San Francisco-- long story short, San Francisco wanted to ban any unhealthy meal targeted to children by offering toys or prizes and yesterday they voted 8-3 to ban the McDonald's Happy Meal. 

YES.  I am hoping this encourages McDonald's to lower sodium and fat content across the board, not just in children's foods, and I am hoping this trend spreads throughout the country if McDonald's doesn't comply.  Although McDonald's does offer healthier options with the Happy Meal, like apple slices and milk, the number one choice is still fries and a soda.  Visit any McDonald's and you will see childhood obesity in full affect.

My hope is this story will shed some light for parents who thought that a Happy Meal was a good choice.  By teaching parents and their children about what is good to put in your body and what is not good for your body, we can start to turn the obesity epidemic around.

It is a victory for the Food Revolution.  It is a victory for kids and for their parents!

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