Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Apartment Fitness: Travel Fit by Cathe Friedrich

I am guessing that not everyone is going to be staying in a hotel with a gym over the holidays.  And I am also quite certain that Grandma's house doesn't have a fully operational workout space.  The Ab Roller she bought at Big Lots five years ago does not count!!!!  Give your thanks this holiday season for Cathe Friedrich's Travel Fit DVD:  51 minutes of working out that requires no more room than a yoga mat and no more equipment than a resistance band!

Cathe's workouts are usually known for being tough (crazy plyometrics!) and using a lot of equipment (a barbell, free weights, step bench, stability ball, etc.) so I was concerned:  How was I going to get a tough workout with just a resistance band?  My fears were quickly assuaged.  Cathe carefully cues you through some creative band choreography that will make your shoulders and triceps sing!  In between the resistance exercises are quick cardio bursts like squat jumps and skaters that keep your heart pumping, and all is finished with a tough ab section that will keep you taut and hide that pumpkin pie belly. 

Cathe is an amazing instructor that balances positivity and tough love with excellent cuing and technique.  The band is used in more creative ways than I have ever seen!  All moves are given safer modifications so you can adjust the workout based on how hard you feel like working.  Not everyone likes to workout while they travel, but with Travel Fit, there's no excuses!

Equipment: resistance band, yoga mat
Fitness level: beginner to advanced; can modify strength of resistance band to make easier or more challenging
Fun level: On a funness scale of 1-10 (10 being the most fun EVER), I give this a 7!

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  1. Thanks for this! I'm going to be in hotels for at least two weeks in Dec and am trying to plan how to work out hard anyway! :>)