Thursday, November 18, 2010

Really? I've heard of carrot and the stick, but this. . .
What gym in their right minds would put out donuts?  Really.


  1. Only, the best gym ever, duh!

    I kid..I kid...


    I'm hungry...

  2. A Lindt chocolate store opened across from my gym, so they were giving out free samples on day. I think a few people complained.

  3. this may or may not be a training exercise for the doughnut derby or whatever they have, you bike a little more than a half bike marathon while eating something along the lines of a 50 krispy cremes or something goofy like that, ask @jskells about it on twitter. He did it. Then he did an iron man haha!

  4. My old gym had pizza nights. I mean, seriously? It was once a month on Mondays, so if I forgot and went those nights it smelled like grease and sweat. Not yummy.

  5. hey...could be worse...