Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Thintervention with Jackie Warner- episode 8- THE FINALE!- "I didn't know you were female!"

After seven weeks with Jackie and six weeks at home, the Thinterventionists of Thintervention have come to the Park Plaza Hotel for their big reveal to their friends and families.  The mc's for the evening are Herr Warner and Frau Craig, looking dapper in their Sunday's best.  Even though Jackie is wearing a dress she still could kill you with those biceps.

How did everyone do?  Bravo put together this slide show with great before and after pics.  We know that Jackie has got the goods because these folks look amazing!!!  But it isn't just their outsides.  Everyone has a light in their eyes, more awareness of how they got to the size they were, and the realization of the things they need to watch out for in the future.

Mandy:  Started at 167 lbs- Goal was 137 lbs- Finished at 133 lbs- 34 lbs lost!
  • Has decided to get her personal trainer certification
  • Helped her husband lose weight
  • realized in order to be there for her kids she needed to be there for herself first
Jeana:  Started at 174 lbs- Goal was 149 lbs- Finished at 153 lbs- 21 lbs lost!
  • has reprioritized her life by putting herself first
  • has fought against her depression
  • doesn't let her kids treat her badly anymore
  • "She struts!"
Shay:  Started at 204 lbs- Goal was 154 lbs- Finished at 170 lbs- 34 lbs lost!
  • admitted she had been abusing laxatives since she was 12-years-old
  • discovered that she loves to dance
  • lost almost half of her body fat percentage
Joe:  Started at 230 lbs- Goal was 190 lbs- Finished at 188 lbs- 42 lbs lost!
  • learned to hold himself accountable for his actions
  • has learned he wants emotional connections with women, not just focusing on looks
  • has earned the nickname "Mr. Muscles" from Jackie
Nikki:  Started at 223 lbs- Goal was 173 lbs- Finished at 182 lbs- 41 lbs lost
  • her biggest struggle was her self sabotage
  • tells her friends she is "not calling to cocktail, but calling to hike"
  • has learned that she actually enjoys exercise and taking control of her own life
Stacey:  Started at 224 lbs- Goal was 174 lbs- Finished at 184 lbs- 40 lbs lost!
  • even with PCOS managed to more than double her expected weight loss
  • learned that food didn't have to be her security blanket- now she goes to the gym
  • no longer has cankles- take that, Joe!
Bryan:  Started at 266 lbs- Goal was 206 lbs- Finished at 198 lbs- 68 lbs lost!
  • can now fit into his partner Miguel's clothes
  • looks about nine feet taller
  • has really worked on his relationship with food and knows when to step away

This show was so much fun to watch and I enjoyed getting to "meet" Bryan and getting to share all these wonderful stories of achievement.  Who would have thought this ragtag band of characters would have made it so far?  I am looking forward to Jackie and Craig motivating more people for many seasons to come!

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  1. Thanks for following the program. It was a tough and rewarding experience for me and I learned so much about my eating habits. I always knew that I was obsessed with foods as I even gave directions by landmark restaurants versus city attractions. My family is healthier and though we always shared a happy home, we are able to do more together as I participate in the activities instead of just watching from the sidelines. For me it brought awareness that you don't have to be 200 pounds to be obese. I was physically unhealthy and lost the highest percentage of body fat of everyone and I had the least amount of weight to lose. Thank you to the support of the public and people stopping me at Kings games or in the airport, I realize that many moms could relate to my guilt from doing things for myself. I now see that a healthier me has made it a happier home for all of us.