Tuesday, October 5, 2010

5 Questions with Phillip from VH1's Money Hungry

In celebration of the finale of Money Hungry, I reached out to one of my fave contestants, Phillip from Team Flabulous, for an awesome 5 Question interview.  Phillip was the funny, game playing, scheming, microphone wielding contestant who ruled with a fierce iron fist and could "pop n' lock like a Pussy Cat Doll".

Read on!

FF: We know that you ran the house. How important was playing the game and how many hours a day did you spend scheming?

PL: Playing the game was very important. Just as much as working out. I might of spent an hour or two a day scheming in between my three hours of working out. I did workout on the contrary of what others may have believed! I knew I could be in the bottom at any given challenge so I knew it was two things I always had to do: Workout in the gym and workout in the house scheming and controlling the vote. It is exactly what I did until I left the Money Hungry house.

FF: The Money Hungry mansion is on fire. Who do you save: Dan, Richard, or that giant stuffed hamburger?

PL: At first I want to save the stuffed hamburger but then I remember how heavy it is and that would be too much like working out. I then think to save Richard but he would then make the escape from the house a full hour-long workout so I leave him too. I then save Dan! He can crack me up and tell me all the stories of people ragging on him for changing the pronunciation of his last name. Classic.

FF: Where did that microphone come from and why did you bring it?

PL: I bought it from the dollar section at Target. It was actually something that Stephanie and I bought to entertain ourselves while we were being sequestered before filming of the show started. Who would of thought that it would become such a special part of my Money Hungry Journey! You can check out the microphones very first appearance on YouTube called Phillip Gone Bad. That is when our love affair began.

FF: Your partner, Stephanie, is a beautiful girl. Would you ever want her to date (Money Hungry contestant)Josh?

PL: Hell No! She is amazing inside and out and she deserves someone who loves her just the way she is! Josh is not that guy! #POW

FF: Who's going to win and who SHOULD win this damn thing?

PL: Well I thought Regulators had it in the bag but as you see from the finale last night Mission Slimpossible took it all! All three teams in the finale worked very hard over the whole competition and deserved to be there. Well that is because I allowed them to be! Just kidding. Mark and Joe worked hard and as much I hated their mafia boss mentality on the show, they won fair and square. I just want to say congrats to everyone on Money Hungry for taking a stance to change their lives! I will never forget any of them.

And we will never forget you, Phillip.  Here is a picture of Phillip before and Phillip now as the DIVA he is.  I will always have him in my heart as a reality show sooper star!!!

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