Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Oh, Marie Claire. Tsk Tsk Tsk.

Have you all heard this story?  I had to put my Thintervention recap on hold for a moment because my blood is boiling!!!

Marie Claire, magazine "for women", had the huge lady balls to publish this article entitled "Should Fatties Get a Room?".  Writer Maura Kelly (who is going to have to move into witness protection after this one) "delves" into her feelings about the CBS comedy "Mike and Molly" (that I love!!!) and whether the two characters should be shown in intimate situations.  Like kissing.  Or hand holding.  Maura talks about how the obese characters are disgusting and compares them to alcoholics and heroin addicts-- and even talks about how anorexia is not so bad because at least some models are naturally thin!

WTF, people.  WTF?

First of all, the characters Mike and Molly meet in Overeaters Anonymous.  They are trying to be happy with themselves inside and out.  They both have great jobs- Mike is a cop and Molly is a grade school teacher- and they realize through their crazy families and friends that they need not to turn to food for comfort.  And now that they have met each other, they can make this journey together.  I was worried about this show at first, because I did not want to see a show that was exploitative of the obese or was making fun.  I feel like the writers get what it is like to be heavy and having to deal with all the BS that is out there but still make the show a great romantic comedy.  I love the actress playing Molly!  Her eyes sparkle, she has a great smile, she always dresses cute.  Mike is HILARIOUS and sweet.  I don't even see them as overweight because the show doesn't make you focus on that.

Reading this article made me sad because the author clearly has issues with food or weight (read her apology-surprise- she had an eating disorder) and thinks that losing weight is "easy" and just a matter of choice.  Anyone that has ever struggled knows that they would give up anything to be thin, thinking it will solve all of their issues, only to realize that it is clearly what is on the inside that counts and once you deal with that you can move forward.  If being at a healthy weight were easy, we would all be there, right?

I am also sickened that an article like this would actually make it into a magazine for women.  We come in all shapes, and to think so narrowly of your readership proves that Marie Claire has NOT A CLUE who reads their magazine.  Just read all the drama on Twitter and on their Facebook page!

Like Juan Williams, I wouldn't be surprised if Maura Kelly loses her job.  Or if Marie Claire loses a huge chunk of readers.  May it be a lesson that the obese and overweight, like gay teens, also do not deserved to be bullied.  And they can kiss on TV as much as they would like  because they are PEOPLE.  We are human and we need to be loved, just like everybody else does. . .right, Morrisey?


  1. Did you read the crap Marie Claire pulled with their Hunger Diaries article? They have the world's worst writers.

  2. I did, Caitlin. They seem like they have a big chip on their shoulder when it comes to weight issues. Here is another nail in that coffin!

  3. Wow! The writer of that article is really ignorant. Isn't she?

  4. Exuse me, let me go read the article. Because I have to read it to believe it!!

  5. One of my e-homies (a plus-sized blogger) told me that Marie Claire allowing this to be published felt like an old friend talking about her behind her back. Sadly, after the 'Hunger Diaries' debacle and now this ... I'm convinced MC is on a mission to offend anyone, especially if that resonates to hits to their site. I'm just so appalled at the sizist nature and pure, as others have said, ignorance.