Wednesday, December 8, 2010

What I will do after the finale of The Biggest Loser

I am always looking for shows to fill the gap.  That's how I found Thintervention and my favorite guilty pleasure, Bridal Bootcamp!  Oh, I miss Cynthia Conde!!!

This is what I am watching this winter:

1.)  Bridalplasty (E! Channel)

A bouquet of injectables!  Roses are so passe.

Yes, Virginia.  I am watching this show and it proves that there may not be a Santa Claus if he has had lap band surgery and a tummy tuck.  I haven't reviewed this new E! Channel show yet (it just aired it's second episode) but I have been watching it.  I am really appalled yet intrigued.  And there is a former cast member of The Biggest Loser on the show-- wonder what Bob and Jillian think about that?

2.)  I Used to Be Fat (MTV)

Call it Biggest Loser Junior, this show chronicles teens losing weight the summer between high school and their first year of college.  What will happen to the Freshmen 15?  I am really looking forward to this one.  It airs December 29th, just in time for those holiday resolutions to be made.

3.) Heavy (A&E)

I can't tell much about Heavy from the title, but from the preview it seems to be an Intervention-style weight loss show.  I like Intervention and didn't like Kirstie Ally's Big Life as much, so I am hoping that there is a place in the middle where this show can settle.  Just not around the abdomen.

I will be watching and blogging, so make sure to join me in the conversation!  If there is a show I should be watching, shoot me a note and let me know.

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  1. Not Bridalplasty! Do you watch The Soup on E? They mock that show endlessly. And I have to say that it scares me a little bit. It's like Extreme Makeover - whatever happened to that show anyway? But you might get me in on the other two - they sound interesting