Saturday, December 4, 2010

Refine Method Recap!

One of the greatest feelings is when you are on a waiting list and you get to be put on the real list.  That's what happened to me this week when I got to go to a free Refine Method class courtesy of Dori, writer or Dori's Shiny Blog!

Brynn Jinnett
So, what is the Refine Method?  Brain child of Brynn Jinnett, former ballerina, Refine is a melting pot of all things Lotte Berk Method, Physique 57, Core Fusion, etc., with it's own special twist:  A wall mounted pulley system comprised of resistance tubing that allows resistance training in a full range of motion.  Brynn was incredible knowledgeable about good form and posture, and I was impressed with her ability to get a room full of mostly new students to be on the same page so quickly.

Refine Method incorporated elements of ballet, yoga, resistance training, and some heart pumping cardio bursts.  I really liked all the props we used, especially these little "furniture mover" pads we placed under our feet for a lunge and plank session.  They made you really engage your muscles to keep from slipping!  At the end of the class we put a resistance band around our thighs and squeezed our butts until I couldn't feel mine anymore.  I don't think I have ever worked my booty so specifically!

Besides the workout, I really enjoyed getting to finally meet Dori in person, and I also met another Ali who is a blogger ( , blogger Melissa (, and crafty girl Fiona:  We had a really good time not trying to kill ourselves with the pulleys.

Here's a photo, courtesy of Ali!

Thank God Melissa is shorter than me.  How come everyone is so tall!?!

 Want to try out Refine Method for yourself?  Here are some deets from their website:

We are currently offering two specials for new clients:

Complimentary First Class: Come try us out! Your first class is free.

New Client Intro 10 Pack: New clients may purchase 10 classes for $100.00 ($10.00/class). This package activates upon first visit after purchase and expires 1 month after activation.Pay-Per-Class; Class Series:

Description Price
Single Session $25.00
Class 5-Pack $125.00
Class 10-Pack $250.00
Class 20-Pack $500.00
Student 10-Pack $150.00
Private Lesson $125.00+

Memberships: Description Price
Monthly Unlimited $225.00/month
6-Visit Monthly Pass $140.00
8-Visit Monthly Pass $180.00

For more information about Private Lessons, or to schedule a Private session, contact Refine Method at


  1. Great class review—and so good to meet you!

  2. Thank you so much for this great review and for coming to class! I am so happy space opened up for you and we finally got to meet. Hopefully we can do it again!