Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Kirstie Alley's Big Life- episode 9- "Preparation K"

No fitness on the show this week, so I decided to list the activities Kirstie and Co. did that may have burned calories. Sorry, Kirstie. I love lemurs, but this is a fitness blog!
  1. Running to prepare for evacuation from a fire.

  2. Getting stuck in a tree.

  3. Making an animal scrapbook.

  4. Wrestling animals.

  5. Performing animal CPR and first aid.

  6. "martial arts" taught by Jim.

  7. Lowering animals in carriers out a second story window.

  8. Fishing.

  9. Staging a fire.

  10. Camping in your backyard.
I checked out Kirstie's show website, because I wanted to see if I was mistaken on thinking this show was about weight loss. This is the direct quote:

"A&E presents "KIRSTIE ALLEY'S BIG LIFE™," a new real-life series that chronicles the extraordinary life of Golden Globe and two-time Emmy winner Kirstie Alley from her journey with her weight loss program to her life as a single mother trying to raise two normal teenagers in the Hollywood spotlight.

Many people remember Kirstie as a Romulan-Vulcan officer in Star Trek II, a sexy Emmy-winner as Rebecca Howe in “Cheers,” the star of blockbuster films Look Who’s Talking and Drop Dead Gorgeous and of course, for her star turns in “Veronica's Closet” and “Fat Actress.” For three decades Kirstie has been making headlines and staying in the forefront of the American conscience. Now, she’s granting her fans unprecedented access inside her life…and what a life it is.

“This show has been cathartic for me...shown me who I really am...again,” says Alley, “And it’s really freaking funny.”

The series also chronicles Kirstie’s comedic and unique take on her battle with weight loss, which coincides with the launch of her new weight loss company. She's also producing a feature film, patenting multiple inventions, working hard to raise two normal Hollywood teenagers, True and Lillie, taking care of her many animals, and on top of everything, looking for love…nothing like a little pressure. "
Soooo. Hmm.

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