Monday, April 19, 2010

Kirstie Alley's Big Life- episode 8- "The Way We Weren't"

True to form, since this episode was the second half of two 30-minute blocks, this one was a little more focused on weight loss.

A little more focused.

Chubby Buddy Jim starts the episode working out with trainer J.T. on the pilates reformer (which is a wow moment), proving that pilates IS indeed hard. When Jim goes to check in with Kirstie, he is sniffling and sneezing. Kirstie uses her deductive reasoning skills to determining that Jim is 1.) Fat 2.) Under the weather. She puts Jim to bed in her bed (wha?) and takes his temperature: 101.6 degrees. Jim is officially out of commission.

Juggling Jim, household duties, and her own son proves to be quite the task. True is an engaged 17-year-old who is in high school and an aspiring rocker. Kirstie gives him the task of finding a gig in one week to prove he has the goods to be a husband. I know, I don't really understand the reasons either. How about getting a regular job? Or living off your mom? That house is huge!

True tells his band mates his mother's plan, and off they go in search of a venue that will accept them on short notice. They literally get laughed out of The Key Club, The Roxy, and The Viper Room. Clue: one of the band mates suggests they should change their band's name to T-Rex. True wisely knows that T-Rex is ALREADY a band. Hello!?! Glam rock? Someone needs to go back to rock n' roll high school. Props to True for knowing that.

Meanwhile, Jim is intercom interrupting every single aspect of Kirstie's day to ask for reading materials and scented candles. When he starts to feel better, Kirstie asks him what really is the matter. In Scientology, they believe that sickness comes about from having bad feelings. Jim admits he feels neglected as Kirstie's Chubby Buddy and Kirstie admits she usually neglects men. So they recommit to one another. Jim participates in Kirstie's Indian dance class ("We looked like those cartoon ballet hippos") and Kirstie ACTUALLY goes hiking. AND SHE LIKES IT!

On the True front, he and his band mates book a gig at The Cat Club, and they get their big break! Total money earned: $43. Split 3 ways. But it is a step in the right direction. His band is not bad, and True has a pretty good voice. I don't know why, but he kinda looks like John Travolta. I'm just sayin'. . .I'm just sayin'. Here's a clip!

I am still waiting for the show to focus more on Organic Liaison and Kirstie's weight loss. . .

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