Monday, January 23, 2012

The Biggest Loser- #BL13- week 3- FACE OFF WEEK

Don't you wish it was this kind of Face Off?
This week of No Excuses is "I have no time to be healthy". I don't know why this was the theme because all it tied into was one super lame Subway plug.  Subway is my healthy option when I don't have time to make a good choice?  FAIL.  Yes, it is healthier than eating a pepperoni pizza, I guess.  I thought we would have had some good recipe segments, maybe Curtis Stone would stop by?  But instead it is Face Off week where the red team and the black team face off against each other as individuals.

  • Chinese food is the temptation challenge.  It was really not tempting- it was all brown and fried!  YUCK.
  • Cassandra from the black team decides to eat and wins control of the game- all for the low cost of 60 calories from 2 fortune cookies.  She also earns a 2 pound advantage.
  • Cassandra was smart to eat:  If no one had eaten, each team would immediately go against their loved one on the opposite team.  NBC is not messing around- we need some drama!
  • Kimmy is a Chinese food alcoholic.
  • Turbo Tax is a new sponsor!  I don't know what paying your taxes and losing weight have in common except that they both suck.
  • Conda says Cassandra eating a fortune cookie is a sigh of weakness- what a bitch!
  • Right after the challenge black team Joe decides he misses his family and leaves.  He gets quite the earful from Bob who calls and bitches him out.  
  • Because Joe left, the black team loses the point for that weigh in putting them in the hole.  The black team is ANGRY.
  • Bob says that Joe is the first contestant to ever quit The Biggest Loser, but didn't Rulon quit?  Or was he asked to leave?
  • Gail vs Bob in the workouts is HILARIOUS.  His imitation of her crying is spot on- but some how over the course of the episode they become friends.  I smell a spin off!
  • Per Cassandra, fat people can't get into publishing.
  • Santa Roy rides his row machine like a sleigh!
  • Conda and Cassandra face off in a Bosu squat thrust challenge.  Cassandra wins and Conda accuses her of cheating.  They face off again and Cassandra beats her again.  FACE OFF.
  • After competing in a water themed challenge, the red team wins video chat with their families- very sweet.  Even I was moved, and you know how jaded I get.
  • Nancy sat out of the challenge AGAIN but got to talk to her family.  LAME.
  • Bob goes to visit the Aqua team and Adrian's ascot makes it's second national appearance!
  • At the weigh in, Ali's lipstick matched her burgundy velour suit.  Eek.

Emily vs Roy:  6 lbs vs 9 lbs- point to Red
Jeremy vs Lauren:  11 lbs vs 3 lbs- point to Black
Joe vs Nancy:  0 vs 2 lbs- point to Red
Chism vs Kim:  9 lbs vs 6 lbs- point to Black
Mark vs Chris:  8 lbs vs 4 lbs- point to Red
Megan vs Buddy:  8 lbs vs 9 lbs- point to Black
Gail vs Kimmy:  6 lbs vs 3 lbs- point to Black
Cassandra vs Conda:  8 lbs vs 3 lbs- point to Black

Conda gets schooled!  And she gets schooled by Dolvett who tells her she isn't doing all of her homework.  Which makes next episode look especially tasty!  The Black team wins the weigh in, forcing the Red team back into the elimination room.  So Nancy or Conda are going home, right?  No.  It's Lauren, Gail's daughter.  Kimmy's vote was the one that sent her home and she was competing against Gail.  OUCH.  I guess Kimmy gets the last laugh.

Lauren goes home and has lost 53 pounds and has learned to embrace her inner athlete.

Next week:  Conda vs DOLVETT.  Should be amazing.

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