Monday, January 30, 2012

The Biggest Loser- #BL13- ONE HOUR LOSER!

Due to the President's address, The Biggest Loser only ran for one hour as it does every so often.  I feel this just proves that the show really could be one hour, even with in show plugs!  But NBC must make a fortune in advertising from this program- how many other reality shows are two hours?  Besides The Bachelor?

Because it was only one hour, there wasn't even time to mess around with the theme song- so let's get on with it!

  • The show opens with the "Gym versus No Gym" concept and challenge.  The winners get to use the gym, the losers get to work out outside.
  • The Black Team must have REALLY wanted to work out without the gym because they got EVERY QUESTION WRONG in the challenge.  I have to say that the questions were challenging.  I always thought that carrots would have more vitamin C than cauliflower or that chicken had more muscle building protein than fish.  I would have spent my time knee deep in mud pits just like the Black team.
  • Red Team wins the challenge, causing Santa Roy and Chris to get into an argument.  Which causes Chris to lock herself in the bathroom and threaten to quit.  What is wrong with these people!?!
  • Bob comes in to talk to Chris and tells her to SUCK IT UP.  Let down your walls, stop being afraid, and realize you are on NBC's top rated show and you can't hide in the toilet.
  • We are treated to a "24"-style montage between gym and no gymers.  Unfortunately the weather looked unseasonably cold for Southern California and the Black team looks REALLY cold.
  • Chairs, canned goods, and sweatshirts make suitable replacements for gym equipment.
  • This week it is Conda vs Dolvett and Gail vs Bob.  Gail vs Bob is way more fun.  Gail skipping and crying is one of my favorite images of all time.
WEIGH IN!  Who "can" win?  See how I did that?

Emily:  From 244 to 235- 9 lbs lost
Chism:  From 332 to 320- 12 lbs lost
Cassandra:  From 212 to 206- 6 lbs lost
Jeremy:  From 358 to 347- 11 lbs lost
Gail:  From 302 to 297- 5 lbs lost
Chris:  From 222 to 215- 7 lbs lost
Megan:  From 240 to 238- 2 lbs lost  TOTAL:  52 lbs lost, 2.72% BW

Buddy:  From  363 to 353- 10 lbs lost
Roy:  From 278 to 272- 6 lbs lost
Kimmy:  From 203 to 197- 6 lbs lost
Mark:  From 266 to 255- 11 lbs lost
Kim:  From 230 to 220- 10 lbs lost
Nancy:  From 205 to 200- 5 lbs lost
Conda:  From 275 to 265- 10 lbs lost  TOTAL:  58 lbs lost, 3.19% BW

So the moral of the story is you CAN lose weight without the gym.  But you won't win The Biggest Loser.

Gail is sent home, and I am really sad because it should have been Megan.  I need entertainment and Gail is SO ENTERTAINING!!!!  Oh well.

Gail is looking sassy and slim having lost 56 pounds total.  All she wants is for Bob to tell her she did it.  Hopefully we will see that at the finale!?!

NEXT EPISODE:  Will the Aqua team and the Ascot make it back on to the ranch!?

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