Tuesday, January 17, 2012

The Biggest Loser- #BL13- It's Just Gail!

The lovable scamp from The Biggest Loser:  GAIL!
Ah, the dreaded week 2 on The Biggest Loser!  Everyone knows that on the second week of the show it is notoriously hard to lose weight after the first week's big numbers.  Everyone knows EXCEPT Kim and Kimmy from the red team who gamble in a challenge that the red team will lose a total of 94 pounds at the weigh in.  That's a little over 10 pounds per team member.  Hardly anyone lost 10 pounds last week!

Aye aye aye.  The highlights!

  • The new nutritionist says a turkey sandwich has less calories than sushi and is more nutritious.  But a turkey sandwich is NOT sushi.
  • Mike not only sees sushi as a take home snack but also puts liquor in the shopping cart and chews tobacco.  The target has been set on your back, sir.
  • Jeremy's new nickname is Alfredo J!  Better than the old one:  Senior Pepperoni Nipples.
  • Gail is SUPER good at puzzles. (she's not super good at puzzles).
  • Can no one remember where they were standing in the photo puzzle?  It must have JUST been taken like five seconds ago.
  • Gail's idea of reality is a lot different than everyone else's reality.
  • When the nutritionist goes to visit the Aqua team, I thought they were married.  Turns out they are brother and sister!  Wow.
  • Aqua Adrian totally rocked an ascot on national television.
  • The nutritionist's fave adjective is great!  Mine?  Awesome.  Or gorgeous.
  • Dolvett and Bob are getting real catty with each other.  Dolvett tags the gym with spray paint and "steals" Bob's workouts.  Bob rolled is eyes a whole lot this episode.  Bob leaves the gym to escape the "toxic environment".  Get these guys a tampon and some chocolate!
  • Quote of the night by Gail: "Come on Bob.  I cant sit on this- it's too small!"
  • Mike further insures that he is being eliminated by opening up about his problems with half brother Joe, alcohol, and tobacco.  Not looking so good.
WEIGH IN!  Will the red team reach 94 pounds?

Kim:  From 239 to 236- 3 lbs lost
Kimmy:  From 210 to 206- 4 lbs lost
Roy:  From 292 to 287- 5 lbs lost
Lauren:  From 237 to 233- 4 lbs lost
Nancy:  5 lbs lost (fast forward- apparently these people aren't important.)
Conda:  7 lbs lost
Mike:  7 lbs lost
Mark:  8 lbs lost
Buddy:  9 lbs lost  TOTAL:  52 lbs, 2.09% BW

Wee woo.  Black team earns a 5 pound advantage and the red team didn't make their mark.  Looks like Kim may be going home, right?

Gail:  From 313 to 308- 5 lbs lost
Megan:  From 252 to 248- 4 lbs lost
Cassandra:  From 225 to 220- 5 lbs lost
Emily:  From 254 to 250- 4 lbs lost
Chris:  From 232 to 226- 6 lbs lost
Joe:  From 342 to 334- 8 lbs lost
Jeremy:  From 376 to 369- 7 lbs lost
Chism:  From 349 to 341- 8 lbs lost  (+5lbs) TOTAL:  52, 2.22% BW

If the red team had gambled correctly, they would have won!  CRAZY.  Chris has immunity and gives it to Santa Roy.  Mark has the highest percentage of weight loss so he is immune.  Who's going home on the red team?

Mike.  What?  Why not Kim or Kimmy?  If eye rolling and smirking burned calories Conda would be the thinnest person on the planet.  She was pissed that Mike called Alfredo J "tank" during the first weigh in and bitches and complains until Mike is sent home.  Because Mike needs less assistance, not more.

When we see him at home he has lost some, and promises to be Alec Baldwin and tobacco free by the finale.  Let's see!

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