Monday, September 5, 2011

Big Sexy is a whole lotta fun!

The one in the middle? 6'3"!!!

I have to thank Project Runway for introducing me to two new shows:  Dance Moms, which is horribly wonderful, and Big Sexy, which is really fantastic!  If it wasn't for Lifetime and their wonderful advertisers, I wouldn't know about this little treasure of a reality show that knows how to handle a "real" woman.

Big Sexy is actually on TLC, but there isn't anything to really learn about.  The women of Big Sexy are women you know, or maybe you ARE this woman:  Curvy, busty, beautiful, and not ashamed to be those adjectives.

Big Sexy follows the lives of four fabulous females living and working in the fashion industry here in New York City. (LADIES: IF YOU ARE READING THIS I TOTALLY WANT TO BE FRIENDS!)  Yes, there are issues of weight addressed, like when the women tried to get into snotty nightclub Marquee- it was blurred out on the show but not here!- and they were asked to pay a $30 cover charge and the thinner girls got into the club for free, or when they are speed dating and one guy candidly tells one of the plus size ladies that he only dates big girls when he is drunk (!).  But what I LOVED about this show is that the women are confident and are sexy on their own and that their weight is not what defines them.  They define themselves.

Everyone has their hang ups about their bodies.  I see women at my place of business that have bodies that most women would die for, and yet they spend hours on the elliptical, pinching and pulling at fat that isn't there and fretting about what calories that they put into their mouths.  Hell, I have been there.  It is nice to see women that have a healthy view of themselves and want people to know that not everyone has to be thin to be happy.

Of course, my concern AS ALWAYS is that people know that no matter your size that your internal health is my most important concern.  Cholesterol, blood pressure, visceral fat around your organs, joint pain, drinking and smoking habits:  All of these conditions effect women of all sizes and I want people at the end of the day to love their size AND be able to live long and lovely lives.  I feel as if the ladies of Big Sexy are living the lives they want to live in bodies they love.  And that kind of confidence is sexy in a big way.

TV people!  Choose to show more people that are happy and proud of whatever life they live, and that even if they are big, they don't JUST have to be contestants on a weight loss reality show!

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  1. This is why I love keep up to date on all the new shows =)

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