Tuesday, October 25, 2011

The Biggest Loser- #BL12- week 5- "Dr. Phil. Dr. Laura. Dr. Oz. Dr. Dre."

This is still on my bucket list.

Okay, so my week has been busy.  And yes, I fell asleep last week during the end of The Biggest Loser and I couldn't even remember who was eliminated!  So I quickly watched last week's show and I have a quickie break down for you, my loyal readers.

Here it goes, in 15 easy steps.

1.) This week's show was decided by Plinko.  Sunny won.  Her weight is the only weight that counts for the entire Black team.  Bob is going to Frisco, TX with her.  The Black team is alone. 

2.)  Everyone hates Jennifer.  She has "baggage".  What is going on behind the scenes and why can't we see this stuff!?!?

3.)  Bob doesn't want to go to Texas.

4.)  Bonnie will not stop bitching.  Apparently it is all Anna's fault.  For the first time, I really feel for her as a trainer.  Nothing is harder to deal with than an uncooperative client!

5.)  Bob makes Sunny's husband cry tears of joy.

6.)  Sunny falls off the treadmill.

7.)  Sunny takes Vegan of The Year Bob to a BBQ restaurant for dinner.

8.)  Bob rides a mechanical bull.  And he wears a cowboy hat.  He looks adorable.

9.)  Dol-vader breaks Vinny down after Vinny reveals his pet name for his stomach.  It's Cecil, by the way.

10.)  Bonnie bitches some more.

11.)  Bob returns to the ranch with his cowboy hat.

12.)  SUNNY BLOWS IT UP!  She loses 14 pounds, 5.81% BF to save the Black team.  They win their fifth weigh in in a row.

13.)  The Blue team, with only two members, beats the Red team.

14.)  The Red team is sent to the elimination room again, and they send home Courtney.

15.)  Courtney has lost 65 pounds since being sent home and looks GREAT!

The end.

Want to know what Courtney from season 11 has to say?  Here is her recap from DietsinReview.com!

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