Tuesday, May 10, 2011

The Biggest Loser- #BL11- week 18- MAKEOVER WEEK!!!


1.)  Tim Gunn.  I don't think I can adequately express how I love Tim Gunn wielding a Fairy Godfather wand and transforming the contestants into real life Cinderellas.

2.)  Pumpkin coach.   Yes.  Drawn by a team of milk white horses.

3.)  Tim Gunn saying things like "I'm witness to the epiphany!".

4.)  The not so subtle Extra sugar free gum plug by Austin at the Ken Paves Salon.

5.)  The Biggest Loser Fairy Castle complete with moat.  Note this is also the castle the season one cast of Last Comic Standing stayed in.  Also on NBC.

6.)  Hannah's blond hair.  AH-MAZE-ING.  I thought she looked a lot like Teri Polo.


7.)  Austin's little prince getup.  I wish he had had a bolo tie.  Sigh.  Best curly hair transformation yet!

8.)  Irene being super girly girly, complete with "glass" slippers.

9.)  Jay looking like a dapper little man.  Really, so much littler.

10.)  FAVE TRANSFORMATION:  Olivia and that wicked new haircut.  She grew so mature and womanly in one day.  And her husband!  I keep thinking how much fun they will get to have in their new bodies.  Did that sound dirty?  It sounded dirty, didn't it. . .

11.)  Olivia and her beautiful singing voice.  It blew me away.  No jokes, folks. 

At the weigh in, we think that Hannah or Jay will have to be sent home, but Tim Gunn waves his fairy wand and *poof!* the yellow line is gone and no one is eliminated.

All is well in the magical land of The Biggest Loser!  No ogres, no Tweedle Dees or Tweedle Dums, no Kaylee.  Sleep well, my Losers.  Until next episode.  The final four is revealed- who will it be?  My guess?

1.)  Austin
2.)  Irene
3.)  Hannah
4.) Jay

I want it to be Olivia, but she has gotten SO SMALL.  How can she turn out another massive weight loss?

Want to know what Mark has to say?  Here is his take, courtesy of DietsinReview.com!

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