Wednesday, May 25, 2011

The Biggest Loser- #BL11- FINALE!!!

It was all ladies all the time on the season finale of The Biggest Loser!!!


1.)  Irene beat Jay in America's vote to be apart of the top 3.

2.)  Deni (Baby Muscles mom?  The one who didn't go to her daughter's wedding?) won the at home prize of $100,000 by losing 125 pounds and 48% of her body weight.

3.)  Hannah for looking HOT in her finale dress.

4.)  The Oklahoma Twins for shocking everyone and making Bob and Jillian eat a little crow.

5.)  Olivia winning the damn thing- we knew she would!


1.)  Irene's not orange dress.

2.)  Cara's baby bump.  Or was it?

3.)  No montage of Jillian training after 11 seasons of being awesome.

4.)  Kaylee gaining 14 pounds and not being eliminated.

5.)  Anna Kournikova replacing Jillian on the show.  WHAT?  I mean, really.  Yes, she is pretty.  Yes, she is thin.  But what does she know about weight loss?  Wrong move NBC.  Hire a real trainer!!!

It was a long season of The Biggest Loser.  I wrote 20 posts!  I even skipped last week's episode because it wasn't anything new or anything you and I haven't seen before.

I had a good time watching the finale with some Biggest Loser Twitterphiles (these girls made me look like an amateur BL fan) and some specially placed Wholly Guacamole.  Let's make this summer memorable!  I will be blogging about the Food Revolution and ABC's new weight loss show, as well as all the goings on in the city.  Biggest Loser break until September!

Here's a recap from including an interview with winner Olivia!

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  1. Loved this! Your post was so much more concise than mine! :) I also can't wait to see the Extreme Makeover Weightloss Edition! :)