Tuesday, March 15, 2011

The Biggest Loser- #BL11- week 10- "You go, Baby Muscles!"

The "C" is for Charles in Charge!

Fresh off the loss of Arthur, the Black team and the Red team join Ali in the elimination room to begin this episode of The Biggest Loser.  What could she possibly throw at them?  It is Team Captain week!  The teams must select one person to make all the decisions for them for the week.  So, like normal but now it's all official like.

The Black team chooses mom Marci (duh) and the Red team chooses Justin.  I would have thought they would choose Rulon because I thought he was the leader of the Red team.  Did you also know he won a Gold Medal in the Olympics?  It's true.  Apparently Rulon is just a puppet leader with the brilliant mastermind Justin behind all of the Red teams diabolical schemes.

I am making this episode seem WAY more entertaining.  It wasn't.  Here are some of the moments I liked the best: An assorted box of chocolates, if you will.  I get the chocolate covered cherries.

  • The little "C" on the front of the Coach t-shirts.  I wish they had gone all the way and made them wear a hat.  And a little cravat.
  • Marci exclaiming that Mom's need to protect their kids, then sitting her daughter out of the challenge, winning immunity at her weigh in, and then realizing she can't be sent home.  Oops.
  • Sarah catching Bob up on her back story (hasn't he been watching?) of being in a car accident and being bed ridden.  Her muscles had atrophied so much that Dr. H told her she had the muscles of a baby.  Now her nickname is Baby Muscles.

  • The Red team having dueling themes- apparently it is Theme Week!  Team Captain Justin is going with a healing theme, and Trainer Brett's theme is "Never Forget Your Past."  I wonder what theme they will chose for the Winter Formal?
  • Olivia is designated as team chef, and installs a spin bike in her kitchen so she can work out and cook.  She claims that this is how mothers do it every day.  Remember when your mom did that?
  • The editors not catching that Austin's age is still listed as 20 even though he celebrated his 21 birthday last episode.
  • Someone on Twitter saying that Moses looked like the Rock Biter from The Neverending Story.  OMG.

  • That weird moment between Justin and Cara where they scream at each other and then pant.  I wanted them to grab each other and just start sucking face.
  • The Red team's ability to pull it out for this week's weigh in- beating the Black team's 24 lb loss with 44 lbs.
  • Sarah being sent home even though she lost 4 pounds, while Jen lost 1 pound, Hannah lost 2 pounds, and Olivia lost 2 pounds.  That's not very teamy of them
  • Next episode:  Working together as a team- man.

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  1. Hilarious. Missing my TV this week, lol. So glad you do these recaps.