Tuesday, August 4, 2009

More to Love Episode 2- Losers are Winners

More Drama. More Emotion. More to Love.

Riiiiiight. Thanks Fox, for letting us know that since the girls are "more", they feel everything more.

The ladies this week are focusing on Christina, who isn't making any friends in the More to Love house because she is "a snob and thinks she is better than everyone else". Two captains were chosen to pick teams. Two teams, 15 girls- you do the math. Uneven number means one lonely lady left over. Wow. So, because the girls already have so many esteem issues, let's add to that the cattiness that accompanies a housefull of women and voila! Christina wasn't picked to be on a team. The host of the show reveals that Christina gets the first individual date with Luke because she wasn't chosen. Wee woo, ladies. That'll teach ya.

So, Team A goes on the first date with Luke on a yacht. Of course, one girl gets sea sick and they have to show her vomitting over the side of the boat. Classy! We see Heather the puker crying because she has ruined her date, and the evil not fat Malissa cackling that another girl has been gotten out of the way.

Apparently these girls feel sorry for themselves, but feel not a shred of compassion for each other. I am saddened there is no sisterhood on this show, where the girls can turn to each other for support. Instead, we see them engage in the usual dating show antics of throwing each other under the proverbial bus. Or boat, in this case.

What is the most interesting to me is that there is division amongst the girls about their weight. The girls who have always been heavy feel negatively towards the recently heavy. One girl says she has been fat all of her life and she doesn't think it's fair that a girl who gained weight after high school gets to be on this show. That is so amazing to me that people still judge each other even if they are in the same boat. So many boat metaphors. . .

Another repeating theme is that these women have never dated anyone ever who treated them nicely, as demonstrated by Christina on her alone time date with Luke in Las Vegas. She recounts her stories of woe and angst- what every guy wants to hear. They have all been cheated on, made fun of, or not asked out at all. Does being heavy render you unable to have any self esteem at all? Because one is fat, does that mean you only date whomever asks you out and allow them to treat you as poorly as possible? Or are these women using their weight as an excuse for any and all problems in their lives?

I know in my own personal life my weight fluctuates when my life feels out of control. If these women have resigned themselves to always been heavy, how many other parts of their lives are out of their control?

Onwards with the water- Team B has a pool party date with Luke, and they have to put themselves in swimsuits on national television. C'mon FOX! Most women, regardless of size, don't enjoy being in a swimsuit. Wy are we making these vulnerable ladies parade themselves around half naked?

Of course, there is one girl, Melissa, who about has a break down, and the others have to circle the wagons and make her feel better. This works to Melissa's advantage, because Luke wants her to feel special and singles her out for some one on one time. Maybe Melissa isn't as socially awkward as everyone thinks! She got a kiss AND hand holding.

The very agressive Lauren also got a mini makeout session- this works to her advantage later on, when she bads mouth a few of the girls to Luke before elimination and they manage to get eliminated. I guess Luke isn't as strong as I thought he was.

Fox hasn't quite hit the nail on the head with More to Love. I still feel like the women are being made fun of. I wonder if they will feel the same when the show airs.

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